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Ultra Hi-Viz Reflective Boards

SSP are the UK’s leading innovator In Estate Agent board production and the only manufacturer of Hi-Viz boards. We developed our new improved formula from the original “reflections” ink and now offer the highest intensity reflective ink of any UK board manufacturer, so don’t accept second best make sure you choose the only genuine Hi-Viz ink.

Our amazing Hi-Viz reflective ink technology is the most affordable way to allow your boards to reflect at night, and far less expensive than using a reflective vinyl. Although on the face of it Hi-Viz boards have a 50% to 75% price premium against standard boards, this is more than offset when you consider you’re getting close to 100% increase in visibility (from dusk till dawn), so if you don’t use a Hi-Viz board you’ll continue to miss out on all those potential viewings!

Hi-Viz ink can now be incorporated into any (or all) of your colours and is proven to reflect light from almost any pantone colour of your choice. You can personalise the areas you’d like to have your board reflect and all for just the one special price.

Take a look at the benefits below and use our enquiry form to get your own personal quote for Ultra Hi-Viz boards.

  • Increase your boards visibility…especially at night

  • Enhance your boards overall appearance

  • Gain additional viewings

  • Improve your local presence

  • Save money against other types of reflective board

If you’d like to experience the power of Hi-Viz reflective ink, please telephone one of our sales consultants on 01536 527940 and they’ll be delighted to post you out a sample.

Due to the manufacturing processes involved with the production of Hi-Viz boards, we are unable to offer a quotation for less than 25 of these boards.