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Prestige Coated Boards

Estate Agents boards just got a whole lot better


Signworld is pleased to announce the launch of a stunning & exclusive optional extra for your boards...The Prestige Coating


Brand new for 2011, our hot melt prestige board coating is launching with a choice of two exclusive finishes...High Gloss Lustre and Anti-Glare Satin.


This newly developed process of heating and fusing a very fine layer of polyester resin to both sides of your board produces an impressive weather/scratch-proof coating to enhance and protect your boards.


Check out the impressive list of advantages below, we think you'll agree the benefits far outweigh the very modest extra investment required.


Our hot melt prestige coating offers...


Choice of two finishes ... Anti-Glare or High Gloss Lustre

Anti-graffiti properties ... Allows easy removal of most paints and marker pens

Non staining surface ... Protects the raw correx from ingrained grime

Oil, solvent & water resistance ... Throw almost anything at it...nothing sticks!

UV protection ... Extends the pigment life to keep your colours looking vibrant

Scratch resistance ... Stops image scratches from accidental contact

Fade resistance ... Reduces the damage caused by the sun's rays

Extra longevity ... Expect to double the life expectancy of your board


You need never again have a scratched, faded or dirty board on the street.

With the Signworld prestige coating on your boards every time your board is re-used; it just needs a simple wipe clean with a damp cloth and it's as good as new... time after time, year after year!


Simply email with your postal address or telephone one of our sales consultants on 01536 527940 - we'll send you a free sample to allow you to fully evaluate the potential of this great new product.


"We haven't re-invented the wheel... we've just added the tyre"


Prestige coating is only available on a minimum quantity of 10 signboards