T Boards

T boards are predominately used for detached properties and are the most popular style of residential board we supply, accounting for approximately 70% of all boards we print. They’re constructed using 2 sheets of 4mm thick correx, welded together down each vertical edge to allow a supporting post to go through the middle.

Our boards will be pre-drilled to suit any accompanying accessories (posts/slips) to ensure that everything fits perfectly together. The standard T board size is 610 x 813mm (either portrait or landscape), but alternative sizes are available if required. If you prefer a shaped T board, we can cut your shape from an oversize sheet, keeping within the maximum legal limit of 0.5 square metres.

All our digitally printed boards are primed with our own unique in-house developed primer solution to ensure the ink adheres to the correx prior to going through the UV drying process, making them most durable Estate Agents boards available on the market. Many of our competitors fail to use a suitable primer prior to printing and therefore the ink will not bond properly to the correx and will “peel” when exposed to the elements.

Flag Boards

Flag boards are mainly used on terrace properties or properties without a front garden, although they are used by many Agents as a versatile option for every type of property. These boards are constructed using a single sheet of 6mm thick heavy-duty correx printed both sides with a 47mm margin space at the side to allow the post to be positioned without obscuring any of the printed design.

The same as our T boards, each flag board will be pre-drilled to suit any accompanying accessories (posts/slips) to ensure that everything fits perfectly together and pre-coated with our unique primer for maximum durability and longevity.

Prestige Boards

Unique to Signworld, our hot melt prestige board coating is available in a choice of two highly attractive finishes...High Gloss Lustre and Anti-Glare Satin.

This in-house developed process of heating and fusing a very fine layer of polyester resin to both sides of your board produces a very impressive weather/scratch-proof coating to enhance and protect your boards.

Check out the impressive list of advantages below…

You need never again have a scratched, faded or dirty board on the street. With the Signworld prestige coating on your boards every time your board is re-used; it just needs a simple wipe clean with a damp cloth and it's as good as new... time after time, year after year! Minimum order quantity of 25 boards.

Hi-Viz Boards

Signworld are the UK’s leading innovator In Estate Agent board production and the only manufacturer of Hi-Viz boards. We developed this incredibly special ink to offer a high intensity reflectivity at night whilst giving an eye-catching shimmering effect during the day.

Our amazing Hi-Viz ink technology is the most affordable way to allow your boards to reflect at night, and far less expensive than using a reflective vinyl. Our Hi-Viz ink can now be incorporated into any (or all) of your colours and is proven to reflect light from almost any pantone colour of your choice. You can even personalise the areas you’d like to have as Hi-Viz, such as just your logo or tel number.

Check out the impressive list of advantages below… Increase your boards visibility…especially at night Enhance your boards overall appearance Gain additional viewings Improve your local presence Save money against other types of reflective board Minimum order quantity of 25 boards.

Shaped Boards

Our shaped boards are an excellent way of increasing brand awareness and standing out from the competition. The shaped boards we supply can be to any design (within max legal limit of 0.5sqM). We will make a cutting tool specifically to your individual requirements and bespoke to you. The cutting tool is then used to accurately die-cut the shape from our printed correx maintaining a consistent cut design through your whole order. Minimum order quantity of 25 boards

V Boards

At Signworld, we provide the highest quality residential mini V boards as standard. Unlike many of our competitors, all our mini V boards are constructed from heavy-duty 6mm correx. Each board is manufactured from a single correx panel, scored and folded to create the “V” and the fixing flaps at each side. We can supply the boards with suction cups if required (additional costs apply).


Posts All posts supplied by Signworld are planed and painted matt white with one pointed end to allow easy fixing. We will pre-drill the posts to match the rest of your order and slot the top part of the post if you are ordering posts to fit flag boards. All posts are industry standard 47mm x 47mm x 2.4M (8ft). Please ask for a quote if you’d like a different colour or finish for your posts.

Metposts are a stock item and sold in packs of 10

Our standard fixings are white or black nylon washer-faced nuts with M6 and M8 bolts. At additional cost, we can supply almost any colour of fixings to match your boards/posts (min order qty applies). Please ask our Sales Dept for more information and prices.